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Graduated with distinction in Sound Engineering (1990-1996).Universidad Tecnológica Vicente Pérez Rosales, Santiago de Chile.
· Grammy® Awards voting member. The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS).
· Voting member of the Latin Grammy® Awards. The Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (LARAS).
· Recording, mixing and mastering engineer in "Recorded in Los Angeles" (USA).
· Chief Engineer at "Villalobos Recording Studio" (Spain).

Brief professional history
He has developed his career in Europe and America. He has extensive experience in recording studios, TV shows and concerts, with musicians such as Chick Corea, Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones), Vinnie Colaiuta, Kenny Kirkland (Sting), Abraham Laboriel, Luis Conte, Peter Gabriel's Womad Festival, Boney M and Katrina & The Waves, among others.
· Assembly engineer in the new facilities of Riot Games, Los Angeles (USA) (2016).
· PA mix engineer at Copa America Centenario USA 2016 for Bud Light.
· Mixing engineer for Televisión Canaria (2000-2005).
· PA mix engineer for the European tour of Chick Corea (2000-2001).
· PA mix engineer for the European tour of Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones) (2004).
· PA mix engineer for the European tour of Katrina & The Waves (2005).
· PA mix engineer for the European tour of Bonie M (2005).
· Studio recording engineer for the record companies EMI, BMG, Warner Music and Sony Music, Disney, among others.

Mick Taylor
(Rolling Stones)
Kenny Kirkland


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(Madrid, 1985) Pike Cavalero -musician and sound engineer grown in the South-East of Spain- has managed to carve himself a niche in the independent music scene offering a concept based on his powerful and real shows. Pike starts his course mid 2009, when he decides to join his passion for vintage sounds and engineering with his first steps in the writing, recording and production fields. Always accompanied by a distinctive sound -classic rock’n’roll, country, rockabilly and blues- and his very noticeable looks, he has succeeded to combine the essential factors in order to get in on some of the most important European and Spanish stages of the classic rock’n’roll scene. Specialized in live recording sessions and in the analog sound feeling of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s he’s open to all kind of projects as him discography shows.
Voting Member of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS), Grammy Awards.
✓ Pike Cavalero and the Gentle Bandoleros - Weekender - CD - 2010, Self-released (Recording, mix, mastering)
✓ Pike Cavalero and the Gentle Bandoleros - Just a Matter of Manners - CD- 2011, Sleazy Records (Recording, mix, mastering)
✓ The Sun Rockets - Crazy Rhythm Roll +3 - 7” Vinyl EP - 2012, Sleazy Records (Mix, mastering)
✓ Pike Cavalero and the Gentle Bandoleros - Six Shooter Blues +3 - 7” Vinyl EP - 2012, Sleazy Records (Recording, mix, mastering)
✓ The Red Tops - …Are Back in Town - CD - 2012, Vaso Music (Recording, mix. mastering)
✓ The Backland Farmers - EP Vinilo 7” - 2013, Sleazy Records (Recording, mix. mastering)
✓ Sleazy Records All Star Artists at the Rockin’ Race Jamboree - 10” Vinyl - 2014, Sleazy Records (The Sun Rockets: Mix, Pike ✓ Cavalero: Recording, Mix Los Twangs: Mix. Record mastering)
✓ Pike Cavalero - Torro - CD and 10” Vinyl - 2014, Sleazy Records (Recording, mix, mastering)
✓ Pike Cavalero - My Misery b/w Black Hearts Club - 7” Vinyl single - 2014, Migraine Records (Recording, mix, mastering)
✓ Matt & The Peabody Ducks - 7” Vinyl EP - 2014, Kathrina Records (Mix and mastering)
✓ One Body Two Heads - Ardiendo - CD - 2014, Self-released (Co-production, mix, mastering)
✓ The Kabooms - Demo - CD - 2014, Self released (Recording, mix, mastering)
✓ Pike Cavalero - Ahora que lo tienes b/w Mi nena pequeña - 7” Vinyl single- 2015, Sleazy Records (Co-mix, mastering)
✓ Craig Shaw and the Backbones - One of these days - EP CD - 2015, Kathrina Records (Mix, mastering)
✓ Harp Rocker and Friends - Red Diamond Blues Session - CD - 2015, Música Fundamental (Recording, mix, mastering)
✓ Diego Cruz Quintet - CD - 2015, Música Fundamental (Recording, mix, mastering)
✓ The Ragstones - Demo CD - 2015, Sleazy Records (Recording, mix, mastering)
✓ True Blue Trio - Midnight Bop b/w I take my hat off to the Blues - 7” Vinyl Single, Migraine Records (Recording, mix, mastering)
✓ Nattie and the Razzlebones - Demo CD - 2016, Self-released (Recording, mix, mastering)
✓ Pike Cavalero - Sin Miedo a Volar - CD, digital, and 10” Vinyl- 2016, Sleazy Records (Co-recording, mix, mastering)
✓ Roy Dee and The Spitfires - Demo CD - 2016, Self-released (Recording, mix, mastering)
✓ The Sun Rockets - Point of no Return - CD - 2016, Sleazy Records (Recording, mix, mastering)
✓ The Kaw Ligas - 7” Vinyl EP - 2017, Sleazy Records (Recording, mix, mastering)
✓ Pike Cavalero - Boppin' and Jivin' with - 7" Vinyl EP - 2017, Sleazy Records (Recording, mix, mastering)
✓ Matt & The Peabody Ducks - Duckingham Palace - CD, 10” Vinyl , 2017 Kathrina Records (Mix)
✓ Karamel - Thanks to your love - CD, Self- Released, 2017 (Mastering)

MIXING (From Los Angeles, Ca.)

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...July 1997 opportunity came along to work with internationally acclaimed music producer and engineer, Humberto Gatica.
Working with Humberto, Cristián Robles automatically was teaming up with world-class music productions. Outstanding acts, like: Michael Jackson, Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and many, many more.
Humberto Gatica, was working on the preproduction for an album for artist Myriam Hernandez. Having had such a great report, Gatica, asked Cristián Robles to go to Los Angeles, California and join his team for the production. Three months later he was in the mix with top scale recording.
From rhythms sections to live horns or full on Orchestras, Cristián got to develop his skill. Day by day, he learnt from the best in the business. Participating in productions for artists of the magnitude of Michael Bublé, Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban and Kenny G. Cristián meets and works with producer David Foster & Quincy Jones considered from the Top Five producers of all times. This is when Cristián realized, he was mastering the art of creating authentic "music production", and doing it in it’s finest form.
For the past 20 years Cristián Robles has truly dedicated his heart to music and to mixing, as well as recording services. Los Angeles became Cristián's home, he has worked hard and his love and hard work did not go unnoticed. Cristián Robles has been honored with 4 Grammys and has been nominated 8 times.
Dedicated to mixing and recording engineering,musical an executive production without leaving aside his passion for making live sound, and sporadically post-production and broadcasting.
Cristián is renowned for its respect for the artist's vision, for his great ethics work and positive attitude, creating the perfect environment to bring the artist’s creation to the next level.

Lucho Gatica
Historia de un amor
Bongó de Vangogh
Michael Bublé
It's time
Michael Bublé
Michael Bublé
Michael Bublé
Meets Madison Square Garden

Michael Bublé
Michael Bublé
Michael Bublé
Call me irresponsible
Carole King
Love makes the World
Josh Groban
Josh Groban
Josh Groban
Josh Groban
Awake Live

Café Quijano
¡Qué grande es esto del amor!
Café Quijano
La taberna del Buda
Café Quijano
Vidas y venidas
La Ley
Mtv unplugged
La Ley
La Ley
Historias e histeria

Kenny G
Rythm & Romance
Kenny G
I'm in the mood for love
Andrea Bocelli
Andrea Bocelli
The best of
Andrea Bocelli
Vivere Live in Tuscany
Andrea Bocelli
Under the Desert Sky

Claudia Brant
Por capricho
Alejandro Lerner
Peter Cincotti
East of Angel Town
David Cavazos
David Cavazos
David Cavazos
Antes y Después

David Archuleta
David Archuleta
Pepe Aguilar
Negociaré con la pena
Il Volo
Buon Natale
Il Volo
We are love
Il Volo
Il Volo
Il Volo
Takes flight

Il Volo
Il Volo
Constantemente mía
Il Volo
We are love - Live
Alfredo Rodríguez
Sounds of space
Jackie Evancho
Songs from the silver screen
Habítame siempre

Enamorada de ti
Paul Potts
The Greatest Hits
Yamila Guerra
No alcanzan palabras para ti
Yamila Guerra
Orgullo Latino
Myriam Hernández
Todo el amor
Myriam Hernández

Schwenke y Nilo
Volúmen 6
Patrizio Buanne
Hershel Yatovitz
HY Time
Due Voci
Due Voci
Julien Clerc
Si J'Etais Elle

Kristy Starling
Kristy Starling
2002 Latin Grammy Nominees
Natalie Grant
Deeper Life
Jenny Rivera
Parrandera, rebelde y atrevida
Ricardo Montaner
Todo y nada

Gracias a La Vida
Voces unidas por Chile
K.J. Yesudas
Rafa Martín
Cuando llegue a volar

Renee Olstead
Renee Olstead
Varetta Heidelberg
Light in the midst of darkness
Liel Kolet & Ebi
I can hear Christmas
View from the Top
Jazz on The Latin Side All Stars
The Last Bullfighter

Yalil Guerra
30th Career Anniversary Album
Jazz on The Latin Side All Stars
Cheng Lin
Greater Than Gold

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